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Meg Joins the National Writing Project Writers Council

This spring the National Writing Project (NWP) reached out to Meg to explore a collaboration between Poetry in the Parks, The National Park System, and NWP for the project's Write Out program. In the wake of these early discussions, she was invited to joined the National Writing Project's Writers Council, and has officially done so.

National Writing Project
The National Writing Project was founded in 1974 at the University of California, Berkeley,

NWP supports pedagogical development for writing teachers and community writing programs. Within NWP's Writer's Council writers from all genres—adult and young adult fiction, nonfiction, poetry, theater, music, TV, and more—who support the mission and vision of the National Writing Project, strive to bring greater attention to the importance of writing and the work of NWP.

Meg shares the National Writing Project's belief that writing is vital to thinking, creating, communicating, and participating in the world. As a NWP Writing Council member she hopes to draw on her work as a council member to foster a love of the craft within a new generation of nature poets and essayists.


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